Quail’s Retreat: Searching For Love On The Moon



That First Sex Scene

Searching is not an erotic adventure. It’s a romance, thriller and mystery. So there’s something for everyone. Add to that, it’s a great escape for the festive season. 

Since first publication, I revisited that first sex scene and decided to add to it. Here’s that scene. If you like, please subscribe to my web page: http://leequail.com and if you don’t like, please subscribe to my web page http://leequail.com
Jarred has just given Christopher a telescope as a gift.  This is what follows:
He leaned in, closed one eye and fiddled with the declination and inclination settings. “Take a look,” he said, standing aside.The moon, in all her glorious royalty, showed me the creases on her apron. Craters marked almost every inch of her surface. I could see the ragged edges of the crater walls, and the grey, sandy surface of the Sea of Tranquility. Her edges danced in the heat of the sun’s rays and I understood now what he meant when he said everything out there is a miracle.
As I watched, he came up from behind and placed his hands on my waist. He pressed his body against mine and it felt like the most perfect moment of my life. Gently he kissed the soft skin on my neck and whispered. “I need to be sure I won’t lose you. I have to be absolutely sure. Because if I give my heart to you, you’ll never lose it.” 
I turned to face him. “Know this, whatever happened is in the past and we’re here to move forward. You’ll never lose me.”

His kiss was gentle. A passionate, inspiring kiss, soft and magical that left tingles on my tongue. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pushed him onto the ground beneath the telescope. “My turn,” I said.

A cloud swerved in front of the moon as I fell between legs, knees bent up thighs spread wide.  He removed his shirt and lay back on it. My hands found his hardened nipples and he moaned with each touch. The hair on his chest, soft and easy. His body, so beautiful in its fullness, responded with every kiss, every touch, every feather light breathe on his skin.  I removed his jeans and threw them aside. He wore no under trousers and my mouth, hungry for his cock, whispered along his shaft and in the mat of ginger hair around his balls.  His cock throbbed as it lay across the cut of his thigh. I cupped the palm of my hand over his quivering manhood and it felt as if it belonged to me. Only me. For a moment I stared into his eyes, filled with wonder, and a stirring of excitement.

“Do you want this?” I said, whispering as if afraid someone might hear me if I spoke out loud and take this away from me. 

“Take it.  Jesus, I need your mouth on me,” he demanded.

His uncut, beautiful cock, gorged and full, met my expectations of how I imagined it would on this extraordinary man. I curled his foreskin, like leather, around my tongue and gradually licked his shaft, bit by bit, as if licking on an ice-cream, imagining all kinds of flavors hitting my taste buds. And then I took him deep into my mouth and he pressed my head down with both hands, moaning with whispered satisfaction. I stared at him from below, one hand playing with one of his hard nipples, mouth sucking down on his delicious cock.

“I’ve waited so long for this. I’m glad it’s you. Fuck, you make all the difference.”

I lifted his thighs and headed for his balls, and attacked them as if my life depended on it. Licking them, taking each one into my mouth, pulling them into my throat, he threw back his head and cried out loud while I pumped his shaft. His inner thighs smelled so fucking good, but his shaft was my main focus, and no sooner was it in my mouth, when he whimpered and drew me up to his mouth and kissed me full on the mouth. The kiss was an embracing of our tongues, passionate and alive, so alive that the passion became hot, uninhibited sex. Suddenly I was on all fours and his tongue was in my ass, sliding, slamming, and leaving it all wet and sticky with his saliva. He got on one knee and slid his cock along my ass-crack and all I wanted right then was for him to fuck me.

He did.

It was such an unforgiving moment. But he thrust slowly and gently and soon the pain turned to unbridled pleasure and I didn’t want this to stop. I was on my back, both legs on his shoulders, his body leaning across mine, his tongue playing inside my mouth, both moaning from the pleasure.  He was deep inside, and it was bliss. Suddenly he pulled out and stepped back.

“Take a breather. We have all night.”

We showered, made coffee, fucked some more.

By first light he must have fucked me several times because I don’t remember going to sleep on the job, but it happened. I awoke to find him still inside me, both of us had fallen asleep entangled in each other’s bodies. While he slept soundly, I separated from him and took him in my mouth. He woke up just before coming, and the warm liquid shot down my throat. It was both sweet and salty and it felt like I had just finished the most perfect meal of my life.

“You swallowed?” he asked, surprised.

“Now I have you inside me.”