Short Stories

This is my place. The place. A respectable, and important one.  It’s a place for the story that just entertains.  Ingenious and arresting stories. Adventurous and bold stories. Stories that resound for a short while and yet rich in grandeur. Some thrilling, some dramatic, some erotic.  Join me in celebrating the short story. If you’d like your work showcased here, let me know via email:


Each story has a unique appeal and I welcome commentary regarding the stories represented here. I would be over the moon if readers discover that this collection, by myself and other writers, has more to say – about why people do what they do, about how people feelabout certain things, about how people behave under certain curcumstances, and that the short story is just as fun to read as those that relate to a plot and nothing more, and that these short stories are just as satisfying.


So, let’s entertain.